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Repair and Warranty Services

If you need a repair, a replacement, to make a warranty claim or return any products, these steps will help you get the fastest response.

Note: If you want a repair, please take a moment to see if your product can be repaired here.


Step 1


Be sure to perform the troubleshooting steps listed in your manual.

If you cannot find the manual, you can search for it online here. You can also contact your local authorized sales representative and ask for a copy of the manual.


Step 2


Contact your local authorized sales representative for troubleshooting support. 

Note: Before contacting us, we need you to get some information so we can quickly address your problem. We offer the following options for getting the information outline on this form. Please provide as much information as possible. 

Step 3


Contact Det-Tronics Technical Support for additional troubleshooting support. Our technical staff have direct access to the engineers and resources that created the product.

Once you have your information ready, contact us by phone or email:

1.952.941.5665 – Option 3
1.800.765.FIRE (3473) – Option 3
[email protected]

Next Steps

If Technical Support determines that your product should be returned for repair, replacement, warranty repair or for credit, please go to this page.

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